Mining Experts

Mineral energy industry is a high input, high tech, high risk industry, and therefore the judgement for the project is of greatest importance. MiningCircle helped establish China Think Tank, which provided services via services center from five perspectives: mining financial, mining exploration, mining development, logistics trade, technical equipment.。

Yikang Liu
Global Exploration Expert
Graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China, engaged in mineral geological exploration. He has served successively as technologist in Sichuan Metallurgy Geological exploration company, technical director of 603 geological party, chief engineer; a chief engineer with the Southwest Geology and Mineral Bureau, geological exploration bureau chief engineer, ministry of metallurgical industry, China metallurgical geology bureau chief engineer, vice executive secretary of China mining association. He is currently director of Silvercorp Metals Inc and Sinomine Resource Exploration Co., Ltd.。
Side Wang
(Vice President)
Chinalco Mineral Resources Co., Ltd.
Global Mining Expert
He was engaged in geological prospecting for 30 years, focused on the global mining investment, opportunity and threat tracking study, with extensive exploration and investment experience in more than ten countries.。
Jianhua Wang
Mine Management Expert
Master of business administration in Nankai university, Executive Master of Business Administration, senior economist, senior accountant. He was a member of the delegation of the Party Congress in the ninth party and the tenth party convention of Shandong Province, representative of Shandong Provincial the 12th National People's Congress, he was honoured with “The national outstanding entrepreneur”, “shandong province model worker”. He is currently president of Zijin Mining( he was president of SHANDONG GOLD GROUP CO., LTD before retirement).。
Congxi Chen
Mining Big data Expert
Ministry of Land and Resources strategic research key laboratory vice director