MiningCircle Technology Alliance

Legal Representative: Yucai Xia

Hebei Han-Xing Institute of Mine&Metallurgy Design Co.,Ltd. was established in 1976. It has three Grade A qualification certificates for Engineering Consulting, Engineering Design, Engineering Supervision. It also has five Grade B qualification certificates for Metallurgical Engineering Design, Architectural Design, Architectural Supervision, Engineering Investigation, and Geological Exploration. In addition, Han-Xing also has qualification certificates in Foreign Engineering Design, Engineering Consulting, Engineering Supervision, Project Exploration, Imports&Exports of Equipments and Materials, and Expatriate Labor. It also provides services on these related construction project contracting business.

Architectural Design Institute has a registered capital of RMB 5million and a building area of 5,283 square meters. It has obtained the ISO9001 Quality System approval in September 2002. It now has 158 employees, 11 of them are Professors, 61 of them are Senior Engineers, and 53 of them are engineers. 63 of the employees include Registered Architects, Registered Structural Engineers, Registered Mining Engineers, Registered Mineral Processing Engineers, Registered Metallurgical Engineers, Registered Power Supply & Distribution Engineers, Registered Plumbing Engineers, and Registered HVAC Engineers along with national level registered engineers that specialized in the advisory, safety, cost, supervision, and geotechnics of registration. We have experts specialized in 20 different domains including mining, beneficiation, Ferrous Metallurgy, machinery, electricity, civil engineering, HAV, water supply and drainage, and geotechnical engineering.

It received excellence awards in province-level, ministerial-level, and city-level prospective design and has over 20 QC awards (including a total of six province-level and ministerial-level awards). It has earned the title of Industry Leader in both province-level and city-level. It also earned the title of China Minmetals Corporation Advanced Unit. It has received the title of “Trustworthy Unit in Hebei” consecutively since 1992.

Legal Representative: Yunlong Zhang

Xinhai Mineral Processing EPC has successfully transformed from a beneficiation equipment manufacturer to an entity that provides mineral processing service, mineral investment service, abrasion resistant rubber, and foundry machinery over the last 20 years. Xinhai is dedicated to help its clients to resolve problems in professional, reliable, and effective manners. By holding a belief of offering a complete solution that is both environmental and energy-efficient, we were able to stand out among the competitors in EPC Competitive Bidding every time.

So far, Xinhai’s main businesses include: Complete Beneficiation Solution, Abrasion Resistant Compound, Mining Investment, and foundry machinery.

Legal Representative: Jinghe Zhang

Huamei Group is a joint-stock construction enterprise with the main business of mine construction. It has the qualifications of mine, housing construction, municipal public construction general contracting, highway, tunnel, bridge, earth and stone, electromechanical installation and so on. Huamei also have the overseas project general contracting and labor export qualification issued by The Ministry of Commerce. At the same time have the right to operate import and export, adopted the "Three Standard, One Unit" management system certification. Huamei has a registered capital of RMB103.5 million and a total assets of RMB50,000 million. It is now has 472 employees including engineering and technical professionals, 80 senior level employees, 126 intermediate grade staffs, and 56 national certified architects.

Since April 2004, the Group has participated in the construction of coal mines, non-coal mines and infrastructure in 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and participated in the construction of more than 200 types of coal mines and non-coal mines. The initial production value was less than RMB100 million, and now it has grown to nearly RMB2 billion based on its construction contract prices. It has a construction capacity of up to RMB5 billion in the market and is able to expand rapidly while achieving the scale and efficiency of synchronous growth.

The Group has accumulated rich experience in various large-scale construction projects and has achieved good results. It has been awarded as the advanced enterprise in the national construction industry, the national advanced construction enterprise in coal industry, and the top ten in national coal construction. It was also rated as AAA-class national construction enterprise for five consecutive years; was named the trustworthy unit for seven consecutive years, and was awarded by the government, industry, and the owners for many times.

With the rapid development of the Group, the influence of the brand has been growing. The Group actively implement the strategy of reaching out foreign countries and exploit resource overseas. The Group has discussed businesses with Russia, Mongolia, Indonesia and other countries on the mine resource development and construction several times and has made encouraging progress.

Legal Representative: Hai Cheng

Shanxi Huijin Mining Technology Development Co., Ltd. is the first privately owned enterprise with Grade-A solid exploration qualification in Shaanxi Province. It is mainly engaged in private mining technology service enterprises engaged in geological prospecting, mining, mineral processing and mine engineering design, construction, custody and comprehensive services. The Group has established cooperative relations with many large enterprises, including: Sinosteel Group, Baosteel Group, China Gold Group, Zijin Mining, Jiuquan Steel Group, Chongqing Iron and Steel Group and Silver Group, Lanzhou Asia-Pacific and Western Mining. Shanxi Huijin has branches setted up in Lanzhou, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and Yunnan. It has an annual sales revenue of RMB150 million and a net profit of over RMB 20 million. Shanxi Huijin has been widely praised by customers for its services in the exploration.